“With [digging] wells there’s got to be a great deal of talk -- five or six hundred words for every shovel of dirt.”
-- John Steinbeck, East Of Eden

It’s hard work being a small-time pedal builder in a market saturated with so many top-quality small- and medium-size companies (not to mention the big names which have dominated the market since the 70s), putting out more incredibly creative and innovative products than ever before. I turn the problem of scale to my advantage, and to your benefit. Place an order for a custom pedal with me and I’ll talk you through the design process, work with you to determine the best format, enclosure layout and switching scheme for your needs as a musician. A customer once described my process as “like going to a good tailor.”

“But Tom, what can you offer me that I can’t find in a Boss(R) pedal?”

I told you not to mention them! Here’s the thing, I have only nice things to say about Boss pedals. Not to single them out, but to use them as an example of a mass-market company that does great work. I can’t compete with their price point, or the range of their products, or the visibility and cultural cachet of being pounded by the mortal Chuck Taylors of the reluctantly-sainted Kurdt Kobain.

What I offer is the human touch, and trust me, I hated typing that just as much as you hated reading it. There’s no outsourcing, but no glossy brochure. You won’t find me in a booth at NAMM, handing out PE-branded picks; no, I’m in the back room, painting up enclosures with the design that I think says “YOU”, soldering boards with the precise combination of components to delight your ears and strike fear into the hearts of enemies.

You want jacks on the top side? Done. You want external transistor bias? Not a problem. Colour blind? Blue LEDs. True bypass? My friend, nothing less! Buffered bypass? Hell, Cornish or Klon? You want a pedal inlaid with your dead grandmother’s ashes because she was the only one who believed in you? I mean, a little weird, but sure, if it’s legal and meets your needs.
Send me an email. We’ll talk sounds, visuals, timelines, prices. We’ll talk about the weather, your pets, the fiction of John Steinbeck, if that’s what it takes to bring that small, metal box from imagination to reality.